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Revathi Raja Kumar
My Journey in Real Estate

My real estate journey began several years ago when I bought my dream home. The desire to learn more sparked my curiosity. Changed mindset to focus on expanding income rather than reducing expenses.

In order to better understand the single family rental market, I explored this further. After spending several hours on the BiggerPockets website, I became a landlord. Additionally, I completed hundreds of hours of pre-licensure education, passed the licensing exams for Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, and Notary Public.

Since my childhood, I have been passionate about teaching and helping others. Whatever I do, I do with passion and dedication. Volunteering as a Tamil teacher has been a rewarding experience for me. Taking it one step further, I became a woman entrepreneur to help others with their real estate journeys.

I am competent, skilled, and work with the highest level of integrity. I ensure that all aspects of the transaction are handled properly and professionally on behalf of my clients. As a result of my comprehensive knowledge of real estate, mortgages, and insurance, I provide my clients with an efficient experience throughout the entire process.

I am a licensed Real Estate agent in California Bay area, Mortgage Broker in California & Texas.

Come join me and Let's make it happen!

The books I have published can also be found at Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Books etc.

Revathi Raja Kumar

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