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What Is a Mortgage Pre-approval?

Mortgage Pre-approval is a letter from the lender stating how much loan they are willing to lend money to you to buy your home. Getting pre-approval is the crucial step in buying a home. The pre-approval is an indication that the lender is willing to move forward with the loan if the home meets the criteria expected or there is no drastic changes in your income or assets etc. The lender checks the borrower's creditworthiness based on income, assets, credit history, employment history etc. Pre-approval doesn't guarantee that the loan will be given to borrower, a proper appraisal has to be done to be approved for mortgage. The interest rate in the pre-approval is not final until rate lock.

       Steps to follow

  • Create a login

  • Select the checkbox that says already working with a loan officer

  • Select Revathi Raja Kumar as your loan officer to get started on your loan pre approval.

  • You can apply for the pre approval online 24/7.

Documents needed for Pre approval

  • Last 2 years of W2s.

  • One month's recent paystubs.

  • Two month's latest Bank statements.

  • Copy of your Driver's License.

  • Last 2 years of personal and business tax returns.

  • Your most recent quarterly or monthly statements if included in Loan application.

    • 401K accounts

    • Investment / Trading accounts

    • Checking & Savings accounts

  • For each real estate property you own, provide the following

    • Mortgage statements.

    • Home insurance declaration page.

    • Property tax statements.

    • HOA statements.

    • Rental leasing & income statements if applicable.

If you are Self employed

  • Last 2 years of Corporate returns

  • If disregarded entity, last 2 years of personal tax returns.

  • Last 2 years of K1 or 1099 statements.



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