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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is an insurance policy that you buy from an insurance provider which helps protect your home and family from unexpected events or disasters. It generally provides coverage to both your interior and exterior parts of your home. Though it is not mandatory to have Homeowners insurance by law, it is wise to invest in an insurance to protect your home and family and have peace of mind from unexpected events and disasters. If you have a mortgage for your home, then Lenders may require you to have Homeowners Insurance or Hazard Insurance as a mandatory element before closing to provide financial protection against losses or unexpected events.

Landlord Or Dwelling Fire Insurance

Landlord/Dwelling Fire Insurance

Landlord or Dwelling fire insurance policy covers the rental units that you own. This insurance typically includes both Property and Liability coverage protection against your financial losses or claims. It usually covers the physical structure of the property, other structures or the personal property that you own in the unit as a Landlord. It may also cover the medical expenses for another person or your legal costs in case someone got injured in your property that you are responsible for.

Renters Insurance


It is also referred as a Tenant Insurance or HO-4 insurance policy. Many renters think that their landlord's insurance policy will cover all their belongings, which is not really true. If you are currently renting an apartment or home and for any reason, your home is destroyed by catastrophic events or affected by theft, vandalism etc, it helps protect your Personal property. It may also provide protection to you if someone gets hurt in your apartment, condo or home against any claims. It protects you against liabilities.

Condo Insurance


Condo insurance policy is also called as HO-6 policy. Condo policy is same as the homeowners policy with some differences. Just like the homeowners insurance, mortgage lenders will most likely expect you to buy condo insurance to protect their financial loss. Even if you have paid off the mortgage, some HOA's may require you to buy condo insurance policy, The type of policy and the coverage limit to be decided depends on approximately how much it would cost to rebuild your home, what does your HOA insurance policy cover etc.

Umbrella Insurance


Umbrella Insurance coverage always starts after your limits of the primary insurance limits are exhausted. The limits of umbrella insurance usually starts from a million dollars and up. Also umbrella insurance have minimum limit requirements to be met by the primary insurance before the umbrella policy can be issued. Umbrella Insurance also covers several situations which are not usually covered by the auto and home insurance policy. Umbrella Insurance is mainly used to protect your assets from lawsuits, court and jury awards. The liabilities may bankrupt you completely, so having the right limits is crucial. When the limits of your auto or home insurance is reached ,the insurance company may pay your entire limit and all the legal cost will be totally your responsibility. Umbrella Insurance will cover your legal costs. Primary home, Vehicles, Rental Properties etc are usually covered under Umbrella Insurance.

Auto Insurance


Car insurance Policy is a contract or agreement between you and the insurance company which protects your finances against a theft, an accident or any other natural causes or destruction of your insured car. The company agrees to pay a certain insured amount if any mishap happens to your car as outlined in the policy. The coverage includes Property damage, Liability or any medical bills. Car insurance covers you and other family members that are mentioned in your policy. May also cover the person who is not mentioned in your policy but drove under your consent. Personal insurance policy covers only when used for personal purposes but not when driven for commercial purposes. There may be an additional supplement added to the policy to cover ride sharing purposes such as Uber, Lyft etc.

Earthquake Insurance


Earthquakes can occur anywhere and anytime and it's important to be prepared as an earthquake can cause a huge damage to the foundations of our home and make the home inhabitable. It is important to protect your home and loved ones in times of disaster. It helps protect your money you have invested if an earthquake damages it. If you don't have earthquake insurance and you experienced earthquake, then you may have to pay for the damages of your home, continue to pay for mortgage and pay for a new place to live in out of your pocket. It can be added on as an Endorsement in your current Homeowners, condo or renters policy or it can be bought separately depending on the insurance providers. The standard homeowners, condo or renters policy does not cover the damages caused by Earthquake. If a fire is caused by an earthquake and the fire caused damage to the home, it might be covered in certain homeowners, condo or renters policy. Some mobile homeowners policy may include the coverage for the damage caused by earth movement.

Flood Insurance


Flooding is the one of the most common disasters recorded across U.S. The losses caused by flooding can be devastating and is not covered by the standard Homeowners or Renters Insurance policy. Just one inch of flooding water can cause damage around $25000. So, it's wise to consider buying Flood Insurance if you think you may be impacted by Flood. Your mortgage lender may require you to buy flood insurance if your home is located in the flood zone or if it is a government backed mortgage like FHA or VA.

Flood insurance policy can be bought as a separate policy and some of the policies have an option to add it as an endorsement for an additional fee. The policy has a period of 30 days to take into effect with few exceptions in scenarios like you need a policy to close or refinance on the property or the area is included recently in the high risk Flood zone in which case there is a waiting period of 1 day if bought within 13 months of the update. You can refer FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management System) maps to locate your home and get an idea of what are the chances of flooding in your area. FEMA coordinates with the federal government to prepare, protect, prevent and provide relief for the natural disaster occurrence.

Commerical Or Business Owners Insurance

Commercial/Business owner Insurance

This coverage is very important to protect financial loss against Property damage, personal property, Equipment, Tools, inventory, Furniture, Landscaping etc and it is something that you may need if you own your building, lease or work from home. Business Owners policy combines both business property and business liability insurance into one policy. Earthquakes and Floods are not covered by the standard insurance policy. It may be added as an additional peril to the existing policy or may be bought separately. It can protect from the most common losses caused or happened to the business owners such as Property damage, Vandalism, Theft, Business income interruption, Liability etc.

Having a Commercial property insurance coverage may protect your Property, assets and business from a heavy unrecoverable loss to a minimal interruption of running your company. Especially if it is a small business company or recently started company, the recovery of loss and business interruption may hinder the growth of the company in a very large extent if there is no Business owners Insurance Policy(BOP) coverage.The main difference between the Commercial policy and the Business owners policy is the option for the coverage to be added and removed. A small business may need a Business owners policy and a large riskier business may need a commercial insurance policy. The coverage can be bundled according to the individual needs.

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