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Selling homes with unique features

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Having a unique home can be both a boon and a bane. Selling a home with unique features may be hard to price and market. Fixing the price for the home might be harder as there are no comparable properties and there are lot of chances for the home to be over priced. It is very important to market the property in a right way as there might only be a thin line between being unique and being weird. It is also important to target the right kind of buyers that appreciate the unique features of the home and market the right features of the home that attract a lot of buyers. The buyers should be able to associate themselves on the home without being overwhelmed by the seller's choices of decor. The same one of a kind feature of the home that is a selling point may also be the reason for the hold back. A home may be considered unique based on various factors like size of the home or lot, location, architectural style, usage, view point etc.

Pricing the home

Though pricing the unique home is quite challenging, there are some factors that are relatable to the comparable homes such as square footage of the home, number of rooms and bathrooms in the home, lot size etc. This is called as the comparative market analysis. It is very important not to over price the home. More unique the home is, there are less number of motivated buyers interested in the property. The price of the home is determined by various factors such as historical value of the home, square footage, lot size, age of the home, condition of the roof, updated features present, neighborhood, usage of the home, number of rooms and bathrooms, walk score etc. A professional appraiser might help come up with the right price for the home.

Selling homes with unique features
Selling homes with unique features

Tips on selling a home with unique features

Staging a home

Staging a home not only might make the home more appealing but also helps accentuate the best features of the home. It might help the buyer to relate themselves living in the home. Staging in the right way might help bring out the best usage of the unique features. It also helps attract the right buyers. If a home has a big lot, seller can accentuate by adding an outdoor seating with a small kitchen and barbecue station where the buyers can imagine themselves entertaining their guests or may add a swimming pool or a landscape with lot of colorful flowers and scenery depending upon the location and usage of the area. Having a Backyard Oasis may be considered as a huge selling point in city environment. It might be a good idea to leave some empty space in the backyard lot without over cluttering, so that the buyer might have the room to plan their idea of usage of the backyard and relate themselves.

Photography and Video tours

Posting a high quality video has a tremendous effect on increasing the value and appeal of the home. You may also highlight the best components of the home by focusing on the positive traits. Aerial photography is a type of photography that may be helpful to capture the aerial view of the property to accentuate and showcase the outside features of the property which might be hard to capture in regular photography. Drone videos are another option that help capture the unique outdoor features of the property. Video tours may be very helpful to capture the interior of the home as many buyers wish to get an idea of the floor plan and features of the home before visiting the home and a nice way to emphasize on the history of the property. This helps to capture every aspect and angle of the home which may not be possible to do in photography. This also increases the number of potential buyers interested in the property.

Open Houses

Open houses are a nice way to spread the awareness of the availability of the property. People generally attend a lot of open houses on the weekends and it is a good opportunity to make the unique home stand out and attractive to the buyers. If the property had a very nice Backyard Oasis, it might be emphasized by conducting a meditation session or if the property is a historic home and had a history, it may be emphasized by conducting a walking tour. If the property had a beautiful kitchen, it might be emphasized by decorating kitchen with fresh flowers or serving fresh cookies or muffins on the kitchen counters. It is important to draw attention to the unique features of the home while doing the open house to make an impact on the potential buyers and stand out from other properties.

Marketing Strategy

An outside the box marketing strategy might help attracting the right kind of buyers. Advertising the home doesn't always have to be through an open house, it may also be advertised by distributing postcards and flyers in the neighborhood. If the postcard or a flyer had some value to it, it might be harder for the receivers to trash it out. For example, if the property had a beautiful kitchen, you may post the picture of property's kitchen along with a cooking recipe, any puzzles, events happening in the neighborhood etc. This makes more people to notice the property. Though they might not be a potential buyer, it helps spreading the word around. Having a Realtor who has a website with good traffic might also help in marketing the home.

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