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Relocation guide while moving to a new home

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

There are certain processes the mover can follow in order to ensure that they are fully prepared to relocate to their new home. Moving is one of the big task and can become overwhelming if not planned properly.

Organizing and Categorizing things

Organizing and Categorizing things in a digital folder makes it easier to track down the things that has to be done in an order. You may also create a checklist and make a timeline of the things that has to be done early on before the actual move. This might also help in filing all the moving related expenses which may be applicable for deduction in your tax returns. This not only makes the work easier and saves time, it reduces any last minute moving related stress. You can also start packing things in advance, if you are planning to move in summer, you may pack all the winter items. This way, it would be less of a stress while moving.

Getting rid of things

Before packing all the things, you may have to make sure you de clutter all the things that are not necessary while starting a new life in a new space. This way, you not only have less things to pack but less things to unpack. Some things that people usually consider getting rid of are as follows.

  • Unused Appliances

  • Unnecessary utensils

  • Furniture that doesn't fit in your new place

  • Expired food

  • Expired medication

  • Rugs

  • Bathmats

  • Old shoes, bed sheets, blankets, clothes

  • Unused sports equipment

  • Old toys

You may get rid of unwanted things by

  • Hosting a garage sale

  • Donating to Goodwill or other charities

  • Sell Online like Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay

If there is not enough time to sell or donate or conduct a Garage Sale, a dumpster truck may be rented and get rid off unwanted things.

Relocation guide while moving to a new home
Relocation guide while moving to a new home

Change of Address

It is very important to notify all the right people and right places about your move. This is very important to have a smooth move and also prevent your identity theft.

USPS - Post Office

It is important to notify the post office your change of address. This can be done in person or online - USPS Change of Address Form. This makes sure all the mail from your old place gets sent to your new place for a period of up to12 months. You can pay additional fee to extend this service if needed.

Utilities Companies

The change of address may be notified to the utility companies well in advance to make sure the services are uninterrupted when you go to your new home. This can be done simply through phone or mail. Depending upon the location, you may have to disconnect the current services and connect to the newer services.

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Home security services

  • Sewage & Garbage

  • Internet

  • TV Cable


In many states, address change has to be reported to DMV within 30 days. If you are planning to move out of state, then vehicle registration may have to be updated. Vehicle registration, Driver's license, Voter's registration may be updated at the DMV.

Subscription and Membership Services

If you have any subscription or streaming services, they may need to be updated as well. Subscription services like Hello Fresh, Kiwi co etc and this includes magazine subscriptions too. You may have to transfer your membership services such as Yoga, Gym etc. Don't forget to clean out your things in the safe box or lockers. Update on the online shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, target etc.

IRS and Employer

It is important to update the current address to IRS or tax agency boards, to receive the tax returns. Notify both the old employer and the new employer about the address change. The old employer might have any tax information or other important information to be sorted.

School Transcripts

Ordering School transcripts and records are very important documentation to be needed during a move. You may also research the schools present near your new home through website like

Loan providers, Banks, Credit Cards

It is very important and mandatory to inform all the financial institutions about the change of address to prevent Identity theft or any other sensitive information being exposed.

Insurance Providers

It is important to notify the insurance providers before moving to make sure it provides coverage when you move into your new place. Though the insurance provides coverage after you have moved to new place, it may not cover if any damage is caused during the transportation. A separate insurance or an add on may be required for this to be covered.

Social Security Administration

Change of address may have to be informed to the Social security administration within 10 days of moving especially if you are receiving any Social security or Medicare benefits.

Doctors, Dentists or Pharmacy

You may have to inform about the change of address to Doctors and Dentists, so that you won't be missing any bills and it is also important to update so that your billing address matches and the payments go through. You may have to transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy located near your new home. You may need to order any excess medications needed during relocation in advance. If you have a pet, pet medications may also request pet records and medications.

Cable and Internet Providers

You may have to cancel cable and internet providers of your current location and order subscription and installation on your new home.

Friends and Family

Make sure to inform all your friends and family about the change of address and if you are moving out of state or country, you may have to plan farewell in advance.

Packing and Moving Tips

  • Use right sized boxes for packaging.

  • Pack heavy items like books in small boxes and lighter items like bed sheets, pillows in large boxes.

  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the packing box, continue with medium weight and top it off with light weight items.

  • You can use crushed paper for cushioning on the bottom for fragile items and on top to fill the space.

  • You can use a roll of stretch wrap to prevent furniture from getting scuffed or scratched.

  • Along with labeling the things present in the box, labeling which room it belongs makes the unpacking and sorting easier.

  • Strap the nuts and bolts of the furniture to the designated furniture in a zip lock bag.

  • There are closet organizers available, where the clothes may be hanged on the rail provided with hangers which makes the set up in your new home easy.

  • Color coding the packing boxes and labeling may make your sorting or arranging according to the rooms makes arranging things in your new home easy.

  • Unplug you refrigerator the night before the move so that the freezer defrosts the night before.

  • Drain water hoses from washing machine, ice makers etc

  • Make sure to check on the closet and shelf corners to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Recycle or dispose old medications, corrosives, flammables, batteries appropriately.

  • Empty oil and gas from lawn movers, grills etc.

  • Take pictures of complex wiring of electronic system so that it will be easier to rewire.

  • Towels, Linens, Socks may be used as a packing material to arrange fragile items.

If you are moving to a new city or state, you may have to research details about those places in advance to get an idea about the cost of living, schooling, neighborhood, supermarkets, Groceries etc. it is advisable to pack an essential bag with essentials for at least a week like clothes, food, toiletries, chargers so that you are covered if your packers truck is delayed during transportation.

Getting a truck with loading ramp makes the loading and reloading easier during the move.

Gather and carry all the financial records, medical records, important documents, receipts and contact information in one place. These above guidelines are general things to be followed during a move. Depending on where you move , for example to another state or another country, these guidelines may be modified or added. It is advisable to finish packing the day before and stay hydrated.

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